Wednesday, January 20, 2010

zoo trip

we went to the zoo yesterday, as we often do being "friends of the zoo." Its better than going to the park because if you want you can check out some animals play on the swings or even kick a ball.... on this particular day it was not better than the park as it was packed..still it wasn't to bad. I personally, go to check out and admire the gardens, the landscaping is amazing and im loving the gardens in the new seal enclosure. I wonder how difficult it would be to obtain a license to keep exotic animals or even native ones? We could start a wildlife park in redesdale, i must remember to tell don!! I highly recommend becoming a friend of the zoo if you have kids.....


sailor took this picture himself and has titled it as "cauliflower jan2010" Great self portrait in a series of many to come.......


DINOSAILOR ...... sailor and i built this nest for the dragons and dinosaurs to have their babies so we then took turns in being the baby hatching from the egg.. on that note i took sailor to the zoo today to see the new elephant (which wasn't on display) but sailor kept talking about the elephant coming from the egg which was so cute....back to our nest..we made this in the pine forest at waikawa beach in NZ great place, nothing there but thats why its great.....

iggy roy!!!

We recently had a wee holiday on the west coast of the north island at the studd bach about an hour out of wellington. Great break, sunshine, a little bit of cloud but not like the rest of NZ it was horrible weather in welly but we managed to avoid it..... Played a little croquet which i must admit was my best game yet..sorry annie!!! Built a great little cubby house for sailor in the pine forest then we played dragons and dinosaurs all arvo....
Iggy is looking amazing he is crawling and his skin is looking great. This is a funny photo of him but i love it it makes me laugh every time i see it...what a cutey!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

the farm

here's a picture of our bottom dam, shes looking good nice and full. I went for a swim in here the other day, i wouldnt put my head under but it was very nice on a hot day....

corey and cat had a baby!!!

corey sent me a message ...... "hello friends a word to tell you probably the most beautiful girl ever was born at 2121 coming in at the massive 6 pounds or 2.68kg born in true style by the mighty catherine sewell we are very very happy and so is our baby girl much love" congratulations guys big love

NYE 2008/09

aint this a cute photo? this was taken dec31st 2008 at a log cabin resturant in Ohakuni. It was one of my favourite NYE just with my gorgeous partner and our boy sailor. I was in bed by 9pm.